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My System Specs


Seriously you can't run multi monitor??????

As to the problem with ie10, switch to firefox!

Sadly, it's comments like this that have killed my interest in windows 8 completely. Windows 7 shall be my last purchase from microsoft. Metro sucking coupled with ubuntu getting more feature-rich every day has sealed the deal.

I'm on the go a lot and am constantly running statistical and mathematical software on my aging laptop. I also need basic web browsing while at school to do assignments and research.

/sudo start ubuntu rant

Everything is now easier to use than windows (shock!). No longer do you comb through the internet for installation instructions and locations of free software; it's all handled through an application akin to the appstore in your iphone/android device! For example, things like developer tools like python are there to download and install all with a GUI, but there's also GUI installations of things like ODE solvers and matlab analogue programs.

After switching to ubuntu I can now keep my desktop and laptop (and smartphone soon!) synchronized over an internet connection. There is also integrated cloud storage, which I do not yet use. But the kicker is you can configure your ultimate-ninja tower at home to be accessible by your laptop (or perhaps phone soon!). I haven't used it yet, but I can offload computational tasks to my home system without even opening the terminal. When I get some free time, I plan to set up my home tower as my own private cloud storage.

In closing, if you hate win8, switch to ubuntu! More and more apps are coming to it everyday (steam is in beta!!!!!!!!). Once all games are ubuntu compatible I will no longer have a use for windows.

/sudo end ubuntu rant
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