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My System Specs


I swear to go your purposely picking and choosing what you want from what I'm saying there.

Also no-one ever told me I couldn't afford anything before. If I really WANTED or NEEDED the power your talking about I WOULD HAVE 2 690's and a hex core monster with a billion raided SSD's. Serious go troll else-where.

A 660ti IS NOT A BUDGET CARD. A 680 and 670 are HIGH END, a 660 and 660ti are Medium and below your into low end.. then below this you have BUDGET. Budget is what it says.. BUDGET, bargian basement cheapest you can get that will play the game.

On the 3d mark score.. I already told you why your off whack comparing them... If you limit the frames to 60 FPS it doesn't matter how huge your E-Penis is they will both run at 60 FPS.
Is this needed, for multi-screens, 120hz monitors or high res panels yes.. for 1080, no GFY

Your either so up yourself that you think you need the latest and greatest for everything or your a plain troll.

About GBA's point that you won't notice a difference in BF£ between the 2.. HE'S right your wrong.
Hell 90% of the time you won't notice the difference between a 660ti and a 680 or even the 2x580's... it's only ever in the minimum frames that you will notice a difference.

How fast is the load being processed... at 60 FPS... the same as any other card with v-sync, no matter how big you want your e-peen to be..
Your really grasping at straws here. and this is the poiunt we are trying to make...

Lets use the over-used car analogy. ignore acceleration and focus on speed (as they aren't comparable in that area)
You have a ferarri.. I have a honda civic. we can both go at 60. there is no difference.. now.. when a steep hill comes I may dip a little but not so much as to be useless.. But your car which cost xxx much more won't.. thats the difference we are talking about here... all that extra power you have is unused until the load goes up.. and even BF3 doesn't do it that often as to make a huge difference between a 680 and a 660ti.

Is there a difference, yes of course but only for a small fraction of the time and not the whole idea your trying to ram down our throats of a 660ti isn't up to the job.

p.s a 670 with a VERY mild oc will match a 680.. it is a very poor value card unless you really need the max and don't care about the cost.

As said before it's all down to how much your willing to spend to eliminate them (sub 60fps moments).
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