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My System Specs


I was offering the op some advice based on what I seen and experienced between a pair of GTX580s and a GTX680. If it is possible to see the difference with your eyes, there obviously is a difference.

Dont tell people a higher end card is a waste of money when it comes to gaming. Hell, an X58 with a GTX680 will rock with the rest.

generic, Go play in traffic.You'll be fine.
Some guy with a GTX680 and no AMD um..stuff

Soul, I never said a GTX480 is as good as a GTX580. I know that for fact. Had a pair of both. I said it would likely stomp a 660\660Ti in raw power. I also said I couldnt confirm this, but would put my money on the 480.
Thanks for the link, and no offense, but I have done research. Also tested with real hardware with real games on a real PC. Or shared from trusted sources. Not just by reading what somebody posted. I am not saying I know everything, not at all. But I know what I have presented here to be true from my testing and experience.
I am not saying the 660Ti, is bad card. To the contrary. But somebody giving up a nice CF setup will more likely than not, be disappointing with a 660Ti. Especially for gaming. The op stated in the opening post he was considering 670/680. Why push him for less? Video is never a bad investment if you spend your money wisely.

Dzzope, If the 660Ti isnt a budget gaming card, then what are the GTX670 and 680?
A GTX660Ti is for somebody that cant afford a GTX670/680. A GTX670 is for somebody that cant afford a 680/690....... Most gamers are going to put the baddest video they can afford into a new Gaming machine or if they are upgrading their current hardware. So Generic and that other guy could only afford a GTX660Ti. Kinda like the poor guy that had to go with a jane GTX660 because he couldn't afford the Ti. That isnt my fault.

You are correct 3DM11 being synthetic. Isnt that what I said with this?
"This isnt real world, but go and run 3DM11 with a pair of GTX580s and then go run it with a single GTX680. Please show me a 680 score higher, both runs at Performance and stock clocks. If you like, I can show you my runs on the same machine."
I used 3DM11 as an example as everyone and their dog has it. But yes, synthetic.

Also as you stated, your card in BF3 was only at 80% load. Wont dispute that. But how fast is that load being processed? As fast as a GTX680? I hope not. Sure a person can clock the shit out of a 660Ti to reach insane speeds. But you take a chance of things going south. Why not just get the suitable card with a good chance there wont be issues with it. Op's limitation was hardware, not cost. I am not going to tell a gamer to get less of a card than he has already chosen. The opposite if anything. I suggested the better of the two.

As far as gba goes, the only fun there was him telling me there is no difference between a pair of GTX580-SLI and a single GTX680 playing BF3. The very game the op mentioned. gba was based on speculation. I was giving him a standpoint from an actual user of both configs. Found it amusing. I had no real problem with much else.

I am done with this.

Back to HiTi's build. As mentioned, the Bitfinx Prodigy looks to be a sweet case. I was going to use one for a m-ITX PhotoShop machine build I did in December. Ended up having to go with a ATX because of m-ITX memory limitations. A full sized video card is supposed to fit in it. It is layed out rather nicely. Looks decently solid also.
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