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My System Specs


There is a $200.00 price premium on the 840 Pro vs. the 840 (non pro) 512 GB model. What is up with that?

Also (knew to me) is the debate over MLC vs. SLC. I haven't looked into that yet though. Someone had mentioned it in a user review on the Egg.

Just reading an Anand review on 830 vs. 840 pro. Again, thanks for the suggestion!

Ah! Just looked at the wiki for this. Explains a lot. Except for price it would seem SLC wins hands down.

Edit: OK, new acronym. TLC. Damn, just when I thought I had it all figured out.

Edit#2: Seems like the only option for the 830's are the 500GB models at around $450.00. For that you can nearly get two 840 Pro's in the 256GB model. What kind of sick games are the retailers playing with consumers?

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