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My System Specs

Angry Gigabtye GTX 560 310.90 Driver Hell!

So I bought a GTX 560 to replace my older Gpu and what an experience Iíve had with it so far.

The card works just fine! The drivers on the other hand, they have caused me hell these past few days.
I installed them on my Windows 8 64bit; the first time my system crashed!

I thought it had to do with my older Drivers interfering and causing a crash but when the computer booted back up it just got stuck at a black screen with the LCD flashing on and off every couple of seconds.

I tried to boot into safe mode and that failed to work so I couldnít even try to fix the problem.
So I did the only thing that I could Re-installed.

I tried the drivers again and after hours of countless re-installs trying different versions of the 310 drivers, I read that the 306.97 Drivers would work on my OS.

Tried those and they did work! But I was left with a problem.

I had about 6 or more Windows.old folders from all the re-installs I did left on my computer and windows locked them so I could not delete them! Great more work to do!

I got annoyed with waiting for them to unlock by taking ownership of the folders.
Then I thought hey! I can use Ubuntu to delete the folders without waiting hours for the folders to unlock and regain all that space they were taking up.

So thatís what I did, I used Ubuntu to delete them and that worked and I thought I was closer to being done and ready to play some games!

When I booted into Windows again I found my OS was kind of un-useable, I could not even log in it was missing the files for my user account!
Really! I thought? Another re-install I guess!

Well at least I didnít lose all my files! Oh wait; I did all of my files on my 1TB boot drive where missing I know where they should have been but they were just gone.

Great I thought! Even more work I still have to do!

So I used Easeus data recovery to find my files and boy what a chore it was to find them.
Then I find out all my files have been duplicated and most corrupted so recovering them would be a pain.

I did try to get some of my files back but after learning how much work it is to sort all the duplicates hundreds of thousands per folder.

Itís just not worth the time and effort, it would be impossible to sort by hand.
I have no choice but to full format my hard drive and lose all my data.

What a horrible experience this has been; and all because of some faulty drivers.
Making music sure is hard!
But at the end of the day it's well worth it.
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