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Well the problem is sort of solved. I found out that that particular error code only pops up in the first couple of training runs, by the time you go for your first solo flight no more error codes popping up. Strange. So what if I can't land the plane properly, that's why that have Autopilot right? Anyway I was able to get the game to work. Only in Windows 7 not in Win8. I was not to get it to start up with my two HD6670 video cards Xfired with each other but it would crash after a few minutes of game play, but when I enabled AMD's "dual graphic" mode and xfired one of the HD6670 GPU with the A10 APU, it worked. Even when I enabled Lucid MVP which enhances the memory of the iGPU (or something like that), even then it worked, as long as I did not enable one of the advanced features in Lucid. In COD's control panel I had to enable VSYNC otherwise I got terrible stuttering. There are so many variables that you can change it's like guessing the correct combination to a lock. Eventually you might get lucky and the game will work. This may be one of the reasons console games are gaining in popularity. Nothing to configure, set up, load, etc. Just plug it in, turn it on and play. Now where is the fun in that eh?

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