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Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
I would think the stand would need to be (relatively) exceptionally heavy for that to work? at least 3-4 pounds?


can surface tablets even be used as a tablet when it comes with a touch cover?

from what I've seen out of apple users using ipads and smart covers, they don't actually take the cover off the device, they just flip it around the back of the device.

if one were to try that with a surface + touch cover, wouldn't you end up typing as you tried to hold the cover open? how well does it actually wrap around the device anyways?
In the past I've also seen people turn the keyboard around, so its still attached but you cant accidentally hit keys. I cannot confirm or deny a sensor being involved to disable the keyboard.

As for the stand, I don't know how heavy it would be, theoretically a few struts (think folding table) to give it support in the other direction could work. Then again that's just in my head and is very much just a theory.
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