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Originally Posted by bliz View Post
Hello,i was wondering,i have been installing dolby home Theater,and it totally changes the sound quality,even,when i stop a track there is a surround sensation,like if you didn't wear headphones... How does that work?
The sound quality hasn't really changed. What has changed is how that sound is now being processed. However When you compare Dolby to DTS. DTS just kicks so much more ass in clarity as it's encoded at a much higher bitrate than dolby. IIRC the older Dolby 5.1 encoded each channel at around 448kbps while the older 5.1 DTS was encode at something like 1.5mbps (mind you this was before The new dolby and DTS-MA) Not sure what the 7.1 formats are encoded at.

The only real way to improve the sound quality would be to upgrade the speakers / amplifiers / speaker wire.
and now for something completely different

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