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Yeah I am using Win8 on my desktop right now and metro adds very little to the desktop experience. Infact I find the entire metro part of it extremely frustrating quite frequently but as long as I avoid that I don't mind Win8 at all, maybe that's because its just a more polished Win7 but.....

The concept of a Hybrid OS that has a different interface depending on what input method you are using interests me but Microsoft has a long way to go before it really works as it should. Metro is much too skin deep at this point, until you can run real native apps that have some substantial power to them I don't see it changing. At the same time I think you'd basically end up with 2 OSes as well and the install size would balloon. MS would be better off doing 1 tablet/touchscreen OS and one desktop one I think.

I hope in the future Microsoft changes the kickstand to be able to be used in the other direction as well so it can be used on the lap as well as on a desk.
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