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Except Skype has already been confirmed as coming and Blackberry is upgrading the android runtime to the most recent so android ports should run better allowing apps like Netflix (already seen running on a the Z10) and instagram to at least come over in some form while more native apps are developed.

There are some apps missing but this is a brand new OS that's been out for DAYS, the apps will come that is not a worry. The reason I don't consider this a valid argument is simply that, new OS vs OSes that have been around for 6 or so years. Yes there are some apps missing for me still, no instapaper or ebay app but there is a good solid base already provided by Blackberry, theres solid calendar, solid notes with evernote integration, there's solid doc editor, there's facebook and twitter, turn by turn gps. Yes there can (and will be more) but there are no immediate glaring gaps that I can see. Though I do have to admit going from WebOS to BB10 I'm being flooded with apps. The big apps will come, the Z10 from what I can tell is selling very well here in Vancouver and everyone seems quite upbeat about it, ad that will draw the attention of the big apps.

I will add that there are already some very nice apps out there, Nobex, which is a radio/podcast app, is beautifully done and the devs are amazing behind it, actually had an email conversation with them.

Lack of home and back buttons is a criticism? Really? Swipe up, theres your home button, and that's just a strait swipe up not anything bidirectional. And when ever you need it there is a back button available. In regards to android apps you can pin a navigation bar to be visible which really helps.
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