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My System Specs


As long as the minimum frames are 60 it will such a small increase in performance (literally where 1 frame could take micro seconds longer to render) that spending double is insane

Xmanrigger.. a 680 has 1 SMX module disabled / removed and is labeled a 670... a 660ti is this cut down version OF THE SAME CORE and cutting back on the memory controllers, ROPs and L2 cache.
So it is, in effect, a cut down 680..
Please get your facts straight

AND a 660ti is NOT a budget card. not even close. it out performs the last generations top card in nearly everything and it's cost is not insignificant either. Mid level, yes, "budget" not this year or last. (maybe next)

3dmark synthetic tests giving you a score higher than another... wow thats great.. offers no real world benifits.
Take a 680.. 670.. hell even the "budget" 660ti and watch the actual core usage on them while cap'd to 60fps in any game and you will see what we mean.
We have already explained why you don't need or even want more than 60 fps on a standard monitor. The card will run at a fraction of it's max load.
My 670 generally sat at 80% load in BF3 (before I got my new monitor *grin*) therefore your 3dmark score is irrelevant.

Now where the extra performance is good is for those few short moments when something exceptional (large explosions, physics collisions etc) take your frames below the magic 60. Even then 45 (with adaptive v-sync) is more than acceptable to 98% of gamers. Below this and you will notice the difference, but it's how often it happens and how much your willing to spend to stop it that is important.

Your jamming the opinion of biggest is best down people's throats. And your probably pissing more than just myself off from it. The same is SLIGHTLY true of GBA, however he's not trying to force any issues. He stated that a 660ti is good enough to run everything max @60fps(which it can) and also what the minimum fps was and as such it would be his suggestion to go that way.

Please provide either opinion or facts. Not opinion as facts. Thats not to say everything you have said is wrong BUT there are some very large holes as shown above.

To the OP, pitty about the size. Bitfinx Prodigy would sort it easily enough?
As they say in the trades, "measure twice, cut once".
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