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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
1) On a 60Hz Monitor there won't be a difference between dual 580s and a 680. If the 680 pumps out 70FPS, and the 580s pump out 90FPS, the frames output by a 60Hz monitor is a maximum of 60FPS. Therefore there will be zero difference. As long as the 680 runs faster than 60FPS (it does) then you won't notice anything. A 670 will probably run a little faster than 60FPS. Bank on 60-65FPS.

I was talking about a 660Ti, not a 660. A 660Ti is a cut down version of a GTX680/670 with less memory bandwith (not an issue at 1920x1200). Count on a 660Ti hitting awfully close to 60FPS on Ultra in BF3. A 660 is a completely different chip, so yes, it will be a bit slower.
I backed up my opinion with real world use. You are only speculating. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between dual 580s and a single GTX680 in performance at 1920x1200. A big difference. Prove me wrong. As I said, if it is evident to the naked eye, a bench will only confirm.

660/660Ti, no matter. How can a 660Ti be a cut down of a 680 when it is less than a 670? You make no sense. 680/670 share same pcb, not much more.

I would love to see Soul do a FRAPS benchmark using the same conditions as I did in order to compare framerates.
Why? What is wrong with posting legit screens of your benchmark above if you are so right? I can admit defeat. Prove me wrong.

You accuse me of offering bunk advise. Yet you are providing misleading information based on speculation. I back my claims by owning and using the hardware I am referring to.

This isnt real world, but go and run 3DM11 with a pair of GTX580s and then go run it with a single GTX680. Please show me a 680 score higher, both runs at Performance and stock clocks. If you like, I can show you my runs on the same machine. Only difference was VGA.

I hope the op finds this discussion useful, if not amusing. Bottom line, if you want bad-ass, get a 670 or 680, dont mess with a 660Ti, you will regret it. The 650\660\660Ti are 'budget' gamer cards. If you command power, no less than the GTX680.
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