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I'm not a big app guy, so I get why that might not be a big deal for you. but it seems like a good number of people are, so it's not just an old criticism, but also an extremely relevant one. I ruled out BB10 right away due to the lack of standard controls such as home and back; which is apparently a pretty big deal considering most apps are android ports made with them in mind.
I'll always cherish the memory of the approximately 102 hours we had together. You had some charming features, like not having Skype, Netflix, or Instagram apps available. (It was like going back to 2008! A year I loved!) Or requiring a weird bi-directional swipe to get back to your home screen.
My Dead BlackBerry 10, a Eulogy -- Daily Intelligencer

I think Blackberry has done an outstanding job marketing BB10, as evidenced by all the smartphone newbies who are apparently buying them without really knowing why--and perhaps also due to influential shareholders who hung on until launch--but there's no way this is going anywhere but niche, at least in the developed world. Other places, BBM maintains more traction, but that's on low-cost hardware.

I think BB would have had more success building and licensing a built for business Android distribution with BB services and and app suite to extend BBM to consumers on other platforms. It's really hard to imagine them competing with Microsoft, Apple and Google platforms head-on.
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