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My System Specs


Going over 60fps no matter the card sli x-fire or just top end single card will show no difference to a lower card running at 60 fps.
This is because the VAST majority of monitors have a 60hz refresh rate and you'll suffer really bad tearing if you deviate much from it anyway.

A 660Ti will be plenty for 1080 in BF3.. HOWEVER, whats the point as it's only marginally better than a 6970 anyway.

The only case for upgrading from the 6970 is if the user in question finds that the MINIMUM fps is too low on a single 6970 and that it occurs too often and for too long.

Then and only then should he consider a larger card and that card should be 7970 / GTX 670.
GTX 670 will easily oc to 680 levels and be a fair amount cheaper. A 7970 will cost roughly the same as a 670 and match a 680 out of the box.

I personally find some fault in everything said above but also truth in it too. It all depends on what the user finds acceptable and at what price.
Give your opinion and leave it at that as that is all you can give. Nothing said above has much in the way of facts (as they tend to gloss over certain points)

The biggest problem IMO is the advice that
A) he'll need more but specing a card that is ROUGHLY the same performance (660)
B) He NEEDS to go all out to be happy.

To the OP, Please for the love of dog try one card. If you then find you want / need more, please by all means go ahead and buy a new card BUT make sure it's a real step up that you'll be able to notice and not a marginal one that you'll need a bench to see the difference.
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