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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
A single card (short of a GTX690) will not substitute for 2x6970's. However, if you're playing at 1920x1080, what you have is seriously overkill in the first place. You would be happy with a 660Ti, as that will allow you to set everything to Ultra, turn on FXAA, and still push out framerates >60.
Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
I'm not sure what version of BF3 you're playing, but I assure you a single GTX680 does not have a problem with frame rates. In fact, an avg of 70fps on a 60fp is definitely what I would call overkill. A 660Ti is more than enough power to run 50fps on BF3 at Ultra settings.

I just ran the attached benchmark using FRAPS. I used a 48 person multiplayer map that was almost full, map was Bandar Desert, I spent most of the time in either a JEEP or a Tank Destroyer. All settings at Ultra, as per the screenshot. Avg framerate is 74.335 FPS. It drops down to 35FPS for a second, but 35fps is still an acceptable framrate.

Please stop trying to give bad advice.
Not giving bad advise. Tell me how a 680 can put out as well as a pair of GTX580s. It aint gonna happen. There is a noticeable difference. If it is noticeable to the eye, it will be more apparent in numbers from a benchmark. Again, if a 680 is noticeable, a 660 surely will be. He is going from a CF config to a single card. If he wants or expects close to the same level of performance, a 660 is not going to do it.

Let us see an actual screeny rather than something that could have been contrived in notepad. Ultimately, it comes to how much money he is willing to spend. If you want the best, then buy the best. A 660 isnt the best by any means. Remember, he isnt going to a single card not because of cost, it is because of a hardware limitation.

Just offering help and a view point from what I have seen myself. Hell, a GTX480 will likely give a 660 a run for its money in raw 3D performance. That I cant confirm myself as I dont have a 660. But my money would be on the 480.

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