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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
I'm not sure what version of BF3 you're playing, but I assure you a single GTX680 does not have a problem with frame rates. In fact, an avg of 70fps on a 60fp is definitely what I would call overkill. A 660Ti is more than enough power to run 50fps on BF3 at Ultra settings.

I just ran the attached benchmark using FRAPS. I used a 48 person multiplayer map that was almost full, map was Bandar Desert, I spent most of the time in either a JEEP or a Tank Destroyer. All settings at Ultra, as per the screenshot. Avg framerate is 74.335 FPS. It drops down to 35FPS for a second, but 35fps is still an acceptable framrate.

Please stop trying to give bad advice.

Wow thats awesome FPS with fraps in the background and at 1200p but apparently your not a hardcore gamer :P haha.

Hmm I think I should spin up fraps a BF3 this afternoon with my 660 and we will test. Thinking the 660 as the min the 680 as overkill max for 1080p.
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