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Default CPU 30% to 0% to 70% back to normal 30%.. BLUE SCREEN

I have been experiencing a nice friendly blue screen....

I have a Gigabyte ud3l, with a Q9550, corsair xms ram, antec 500w power supply, and a 7900gs GPU.

When I run the computer it is fine for a while, but as I start using more cpu power, such as 20-30% of the cpu power, it will all of a sudden drop to 0% then spike up to 70% then back to the regular 20-30% for a while, this will repeat a few times over maybe 10min and then blue screen. Most of my apps are just audio and media related, so not gpu intensive at all. I could switch the graphics card out, but it doesn't seem to be the issue.

I have switched drivers of programs, I thought it was driver related initially, monitored heat temps, ran a mem test, cause I did have some bad ram, but no errors.

So I think it might be the board or the cpu? Which would suck, any suggestions? Besides, upgrade the system. Soon... but this system should still have the power in it for what I need to be doing.. It's the complete drop out of cpu activity that bothers me.. not the leap to 70% I get glitches or pauses when it drops to 0% obviously....

Thank you for your help.
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