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My System Specs


As you stated, you are limited to 1 slot. You already said you were considering the GTX680, so if you consider yourself hardcore, go with it or the GTX690. At the very least, a GTX570.

Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
A single card (short of a GTX690) will not substitute for 2x6970's. However, if you're playing at 1920x1080, what you have is seriously overkill in the first place. You would be happy with a 660Ti, as that will allow you to set everything to Ultra, turn on FXAA, and still push out framerates >60.
You are correct when you said a single card wont substitute for a CF setup. But when it comes to gaming, there is no such thing as over kill with a Dual GPU config. Maybe Tri or quad, but certainly not Dual. AMD or NVIDIA. Any hardcore gamer demands the best, and there is no single card solution out there. Even at 1920X1080. An exception is as gba stated above, is the GTX690 or a GTX590. But again, dual GPU. But a pair of GTX680s or GTX580s can be bought for less, and will out-perform.

I also disagree that a GTX660Ti is going to cut it at 1920x1080 at max settings. Not a chance. I went from Dual-SLI 3GB GTX580 to a single 4GB GTX680, and at same graphics settings, there was a noticeable difference. The 580-SLI setup was butter smooth in BF3. With the single GTX680 at same settings, it didnt gimp game play, but there was a noticeable drop. With that said, I hardly think he would be satisfied with the 660Ti after giving up his CF config. Meaning; that if a 680 has to put out, how is a 660 going to cut it?

A person can of course get away with less for gaming. But well......compromise isnt hardcore.
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