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dear ******* lordy, played around with it for quite a while at the MS boutique store (just hardware - already use win8 on desktop). I've never been so impressed in a hands-on before.

people that are making complaints are people that expect it to be an ipad competitor. They focus solely on the tablety aspects of the device (ie, they don't care about productivity), in which case the Pro is a HORRIBLE device (so is the RT for that matter). it's convenient to forget that everything else that it does. complete bullshit of course.

if you look at it as an ultrabook killer though; it's drop-dead amazing. there is NOTHING that matches the screen and overall build quality in that weight class (completely aware of any contenders to be honest). if it's a failure, it's because it's a good product at the wrong price, not a bad product at any price.

basically, judge the device by it's usecases, not the formfactor.

is it perfect? HELL no. is it definitely good? damn right. will it's flaws be easily corrected by the next iteration or two? most definitely.


irt to JD,

the usb situation honestly erks me as well, 2 usb should really be minimum for a productivity device. I'm guessing they're betting that no one will use a mouse and the port will solely be for storage devices.


microsoft is out of their mind with not bundling a keyboard cover in that price tag. totally ridiculous money grab.
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