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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
I dunno. Maybe the trusty potato cannon would be a better/funner project?

Edit: I tried converting barometric pressure to inches of mercury with negative values. If you'll forgive the pun, it doesn't seem to add up. -0.75 bar = -22.15 inHg ?

Isn't vacuum better expressed as a positive rather than a negative? My brain doesn't want to go there I guess.
Yep......looks about right.

Bars are a depreciated unit , we're not supposed to use that unit anymore , it's just that it's how a lot of vacuum equipment is labled.

1 Bar ~ 1 atmosphere at sea level on Earth...
It's 14.5 psi and /or 29.5 inHg.

-1 Bar is perfect like -30 inches of mercury.....

ps :

Originally Posted by Bungwirez View Post
this project appears to require more suck... and less blow.
Absolutely.The pump is sucking at sucking !

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