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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
I would block 5 and 6 with some black cardboard so you can't notice it, 1 and 2 intake, 3 and 4 exhaust (that is what I did with my antec 300 even with a gpu and everything still runs nice and cool...the box my 300 came in was where I grabbed the piece of cardboard to block). This will be the smoothest airflow. Air goes in low at the front and out high at the back (hot air naturally rises). I know some people like to jam a fan where ever there is a spot, but it creates disturbed airflow and therefore potential hotspots and also extra noise. IMO the only reason to use 6 is if you are concerned with a hot running motherboard, and the only reason to use 6 is if you have a hot running graphics card. This setup also forces all air in through the front which has a dust filter, so you have nice clean air in your case.
Point taken on #6, I forgot to include my heatsink in pic.
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