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Originally Posted by encorp View Post
They also don't have anything to compare the card to. I love how the Hardocp review all labels the graphs as "apples to apples" but how can you possibly tout a two chip card versus a single. Give me a GTX280X2 and show me some benchmarks then. I've never trusted ATI's drivers and I still don't. Sure this is all early but once Nvidia waits out the release of this card and matches prices I'm willing to bet this won't stay in ATI's favour that long. It's still too early though and even my own remarks are at best guesses.
I hate to break it to you but there are two things that should be said here:

- In Vista, ATI's drivers are ALOT more stable than those from Nvidia. Load up the new WHQL Nvidia drivers and their own nTune software and tell me what you get? BSOD? Yup. Or load up a G92 card and CoH DX10, horrible performance.

- Nvidia has nothing on their roadmap at this point to counter the HD4870X2. Nothing. If they do have something, it will be a band-aid solution like the 9800GX2 and will consume disgusting amounts of power even if it is based on a 55nm manufacturing process.
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