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Default Annoying Error Code in Cliffs of Dover

I finally downloaded IL*2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover game from Steam (several hour download, no more STEAM games for this rural internet user), Anyway with a little patience I got the game loaded and running BUT I get the following error message:

IF I click, retry, ignore or abort, or try to close the window COD crashes. (that error reads Launcher failed or something to that effect). If I just 'ignore' the error (that is to say pretend it is not there not press the ignore button) and move it out of the field of vision the game seems to play just fine.

Anyway anything I can do about this error code?

I'm running the game in Windows 7 in full screen. The images come through OK, FRAPS reports anywhere between 10-25 FPS. I am using all three screens and the visual effect is good providing a full panoramic view of the sky. (Although in the training bi-plane seeing the grass runway is a bit tricky, I guess when the pilots in WWII trianing in the Tiger Moth bi-plane they really didn't get a good view of what was below them like the runway, but that is an in-game skill thing I've got to work on).

I found it interesting that in the control settings I was able to use both my Thrustmaster HOTAS joystick & throttle controller, plus my Logitech gamepad. I just use the gamepads buttons, one to arm the bombs, one to open the bomb bay doors, and one to drop the bombs. There are so many features that you can custom load on this game, it really looks like a very detailed realistic game. So much to learn there.

Anyway, any help with that error code would be appreciated.

But it has warmed up to near Zero today so I'm heading out of doors and try to soak up a little vitamin D.

(Only in northern Canada would that be considered a balmy warm day eh?)

Fort Kent, Alberta

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