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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Couple of issues I see: the side-by-side 5.25 housings (front, enter) will need proper support to hold your components. Make sure the structure surrounding both boxes is sturdy enough. Also on the bottom, the 2 230mm fan opening are too close together. You need clearance for the fan housings. Same goes for the rad fans, but these 'look' fine.

I have Catia V5 installed on my workstation, I can draw whatever you need in 2D / 3D, to the 0.001" if you want... simply show me a sketch of what you want, with some rough dimensions.

Oh dear got yes I would love some help with drawing this out, my art skills well lets me honest I have zero art skills and design skills.

I will be pulling 2 shinobi XL's apart for this build I plan to use almost everything from them. So the 2 230's are going to be mounted with the same housings from the top of the Shinobi XL cases same with the back ones.

For 5.25 and 3.25" bays they will be removed from the shinobis and welded to the new structure.

The side windows will be again reused from the Shinobi's.

I want to mount the Motherboard trays and I/O's on a angle using the trays again from the shinobi and cutting the back of the case to fit them.

The case I want to be around 30"(was thinking 26" but thats not big enough) Cubed but could be farther H then DxW I plan to have this as a very large case and use mostly recycled parts to build it. Going to use L brackets welded as a Cube shape as the structure and mounting the front,bottom and back to the L brackets where the sides and top will be easy to remove with a tap and die setup.

Rads are all triple 120mm but I dont know how much spacing I have with the sizes I gave if I have more. If I can fit it I would love to fit dual 240mm 120x2 Rads in the back as well.

When this thing is full of fluid I want it to bend to polarity of the earth :P haha I expect it to be heavy.

The feet I want to mount will be large steel rubber mixs to stop vibration and dog fur from entering. So 2-3" feet.

Any help would be awesome or pro advice, I can build and design a desk no issue but a case is new ground to me.
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