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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
I was thinking more about the 6 double thick triple rads. I betcha they weigh 8-10lbs each when full of water, my Feser 360 did. Add 2 PSU's and you're at 60 pounds without the case or any hardware. Whatever your plans are, put casters on the bottom.

Oh yes good point I expect this thing to be a tank when its all together :)

Right now my server is heavy and that just has a dual and single rad plus 2 water blocks and a dual bay res.

I might lower it down to dual triple rads and a few single rads but the parts must be found first.

Looked at L brackets to build the frame with till I came across a smart forum member who used a cut up bed frame to build a server rack and then it dawned on me. " The wife wants a new frame for the bed and the old metal one would work perfect with some paint to make my frame" right there the problem was solved and a new one came in. Cutting and welding is the next issue but hope to figure that out soon.
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