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Default m-itx build

Hey guys! So I've been away from the PC game (aside from the machine I use with at work) and sort of have an itch to start tinkering again. I sold my previous rig and switched over to Mac, and am loving it. Yet, I know that there are some games that I will want to play in the future that just won't be viable on OSX.

Basically at this point, I'm not really looking to build an absolute power house, just something that will game reasonably well. I've less decided that my next build will live inside a Bitfenix Prodigy.

What it boils down to is I want to play Witcher 2, and Dragon Age 3 when its released in the future.

1. This particular computer won't even be on most of the time, just when I want do some gaming since my primary will still be my macbook. This new rig won't be running 4 displays like my previous one, I just need to power one 24" 1080p monitor, or possibly a 27" 1440p monitor in the near future when I have some more money.

2. I'm looking to spend about...$800-850? Less is better, I think.

3. Will be buying locally, as in Canada.

4. Not a particular fanboy of any brand, though I think I would like to try an NVIDIA GPU this time around after having used ATI/AMD for the past 10 years. I'm sure whether I should go AMD/Intel for the cpu though.

5. I will be reusing my monitor, keyboard, speakers, OS, so no need for those.

6. Having looked at other threads, I didn't see much in terms of the price range I wanted.

7. I don' think I'll be doing any OC'ing this round.

8. No parts aside from what i already have, want to price it before I make the jump so I know what quality of parts I'll be getting.

9. Gaming will be done at 1080p, and possibly beyond that in the future.

10. No specific technologies at the moment that I absolutely require, aside from the GPU needing to have minidp support.Oh, and the Motherboard needs wifi support.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. How does AMD's processor line fare these days? Would I be better of getting intel?

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