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My System Specs

Default Safe Haven The CUBE!!(Dual System Cube of the Gods)


This build is something super new to me and is being built with a TON of help from awesome forum members who I could not be more grateful for their help or experience.

(used the Design 3.0 helped with then added my own style to the frame. The case will now cost and weigh way less then we originally expected do to the frame designer and fabricator "Spotswood" He does kick around the forum so if you ever need anything hit him up

This build is to meet the goal of running my work,school and folding Server in one case with my gaming rig inside the same tower.

There will be lots of custom watercooling and custom cabling and as well.

* *

Grocery List(Needed items)
Only need a second pump and dual reservoir for the front of the case

Hardware for build
*Coming Soon*
Watercooling for build
*Coming Soon*

Pix of Build
*Coming Soon*

Prebuild benchmarks and OCing

Shared Parts
2x 27 Asus VK278Q LCD's
Z2 Arctic Dual LCD Mount(Saving my Pennies)
Thermaltake TT Sport Gaming Keyboard Challenger Pro
Cooler Master Sentinel Advanced Mouse
Asus Vulcan Headset

Left Side Gamer and personal design and work rig
2x 4280 2.8Ghz 8 Cores 16 Cores Total (16 cores take to much wattage time for a A10-5800K and time to OC that thing till it catches fire)
Asus KCMA-D8 Server Board C32 Being Replaced by MSI FM2-A85XA-G65
64GB Kingston ECC DDR3 1600 running at 1066 but thats slow its gotta go :P
Asus 6970 DCII 2GB5 (Under Water) I loved that poor 6970 but its gotta go, 2 Replacement Cards Pending
120GB OCZ HELL NOOO MORE!!! Pending replacements :)
2TB and 1TB Black family photos, movies and backup
PSU pending a new arrival :)

Win 8 Pro 64

Gaming Tower
Intel i7 980X 4.1Ghz NA 1366 is to warm and the summer is coming our way 1155 CPU but what one??
Asus P6X58D Premium 1366 UMM NOT ANYMORE MSI Z77 Board TBA
RAM Pending Total Change
Corsair Neutron 240
Seasonic 740 watt PSU
Win 8 Pro 64

Tons added soon


Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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