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Originally Posted by GT7R View Post
But the Kepler architecture (as well as the 680/690) was introduced almost a year ago... the performance per $ ratio should improve over time... I will NOT pay more money for less performance (or the same money for less performance) relatively to last year's offerings.
You are looking at charts only which rarely tell the full story. When you pay $1000 for a GPU, the last thing you want is to get 50% of its potential in new games due to missing or faulty multi card profiles. A single GPU card with almost as much performance would (IMO) arguably be of better value since it will suffer from none of those issues.

Under no circumstance should the perf / $ ratio improve either. Only when new cards are on the VERY near horizon will discounts be started. That's a hallmark of a healthy market. If midlife cards were being discounted, it would be something to worry about.
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