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Eurocom or Sager.

In the coming weeks, we'll actually be reviewing a Sager. It comes from these guys: Reflex Notebook Canada - Your Source for Sager Notebooks and Laptops in Canada . I believe they're the only guys in Canada that direct-ship Sager notebooks.

This one should be almost exactly what you're looking for: is your Source for the Sager NP9130 (Clevo P151EM1) in Canada

GTX 670MX (note: choose the "MX" version as it uses the new Kepler architecture)
1080P Screen
i7-3630QM processor
8GB memory

All for under $1200.

If you need Windows installed, there will be a small surcharge but you should still be able to transfer your existing license.

I would also add the Canada-based RMA option which costs only $77.
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