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Default Wildman

Wildman is a game from GasPoweredGames and Chris Taylors (Chris seems to be a common name for game devolpers), the creators of Supreme Commander. Its basically a blend of Diablo with RTS/Moba. Basically you explore and you do the entire loot/kill stuff and discover technology which is in essence your tech tree. But theres also a point where you go to war and your wildman isnt quite enough for the task and requires an army of sorts and thats where the RTS/Moba comes into play. You build barracks and set waypoints, and build a variety of units to combat your opponent. When you win you get to loot their technology.

As the Wildman you get a variety of powers as well, the ability to transform or "Polymorph" into different creatures is a main one.

This seems to be a do or die Kickstarter for GPG with the risk of them closing doors for good if it fails. The game concept appeals to me, and I hope it does to a few of you as well. The KS isnt doing very well at the moment, just under 50% with 7 days to go

Wildman: An "Evolutionary" Action RPG by Gas Powered Games ? Kickstarter

also of note the Open Source Death Star which is currently sitting at 1% Kickstarter Open Source Death Star by ? Kickstarter
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