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When it comes to LSI SF2281 controller based drives it is always safest to assume that TRIM is required. There are exceptions - ala Intel - that have software solutions to get around lack of OS Trim...but if you are running a drive like the SSDNow V300 and do not have are in for a less than optimal long term experience. If comes down to SATA 2 + TRIM or SATA 3 + no trim...take the hit and use SATA 2. TRIM is a big deal for these SandForce controllers (even if they do not implement the command in anything remotely like real time...unless they 'want' to).

This to be honest is the only disappointment I have with this drive: no 'toolbox' program. Kingston have custom firmware it would have been childs play to implement something as basic as this. Instead they did not. I hope they see the error of their way and do something about it ASAP. Even a 'wiper.exe' program would push this drive up above most SF2281 drives.
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