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Originally Posted by n49 View Post
Built a system for a friend a couple months ago with the asrock z77 pro3 and corsair vengeance 2x4GB 1600
Very nice running system, no complaints, would consider purchasing again. (z77 pro3 was on for $100, watch for deal)

Installed the i3-2125 which has the HD3000 graphics. ($110)
You already have a nice graphics card so doesn't matter. However, if you want to sell your complete system at a later date, and keep your graphics card, nice to have a decent built-in graphics for only $10 more than the i3-2100.
The newer i3-3225 has the HD4000. Worth considering if price is similar.

The z77 pro3 board is a little narrower so fit nice in a regular mid tower case. Room to spare.
Boot disk Intel 520 ssd 120GB with win8.
Very nice system

For the price and features, z77 pro3 one of the better deals out there.
Am considering getting another one if price is similar.
Agreed with you there. I have the i3-2100, do not intend to sell that... the 3570K is $260 where I am, and it keeps getting more expensive... at the time of purchase nearly a year ago, my i3-2100 was $110 simply because no one wanted it lol

Since no CPU OC'ing is going to happen, I'd assume the Z77 Pro3 would be just fine, and heck its better than any other B75 board out there... for only $25 more, and its the same price as the H77's, no reason not to go with it.
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