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Installation is pretty straight forward - the radiator mounts into an 120mm fan slot. The CPU mounting I would say is similar to most aftermarket coolers. There's a few bits you have to choose from depending on the socket type but that's about it.

600T / 650D - I had the same debate when I was building my rig and I went with the 650D because personally I like the look a bit more than the 600T.

660Ti's I believe are about the same level of performance as the old 580's on the NVIDIA side so unless you're doing 3D or you're running Eyefinity (multiple monitors for gaming - I don't remember the NVIDIA marketing term for it) is probably going to be pretty good for most things.

AMD / ATI is running some hot bundles on the 7800 / 7900 series right now with free copies of Tomb Raider, Crysis 3 and Bioshock. Some of the "entry" level 7850's I believe were going for a bit over $200 so those would be another couple of cards to possibly consider.
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