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My System Specs


Firstly can I ask what your current system is and what resolution you play games at?

Seems to me your spending WAY more than you need and a simple re-fresh may be all thats needed for your current system.
The heaviest load your doing at the moment is the video editing and compiling of the software. Neither of which need huge processor / ram unless your doing some high end stuff.
(monitor your usage now to see what your using/how long it takes to render)

You could go for a 3570k, 16GB ram, 670 (actually a 7950 is much better value and will easily match the 670) and a much cheaper board and you will notice no difference
(apart from rendering, the 3770k will be noticeably faster, only you can say if it's justified.. Look at as many reviews as you can)

I'll also echo the above on the cooler / PSU and soundcard.

On the SSD, there are a few options for the high end ones... Intel 520 is hard to look past but there are also the Samsung you mentioned along with some of the newer drives from OCZ and Corsair that are pretty sweet too
(Intel would be my pick, though I think they will be releasing a new drive based on their new controller soonish and it will be worth watching out for, anyone "in the know" could guestimate a time-frame?)

I'm guessing you'll be mirroring the WD blacks for data security?

I wouldn't touch the EVGA 670.. very poor cooler.. MSI power edition would be my pick
(actually a 7950 would be my pick.. same performance, cheaper price, crysis3 and Bioshock Infinity for free too.. The HIS that was recently reviewed here looks sweet and this is from someone who has a 670 and a 560ti before that)

CL9 for the ram (I believe the ripjaws are anyway but may be wrong)

I would slash a fair amount of budget off the motherboard.. MSI have some other very nice boards at a significantly lower price. You'll see no difference unless there is a specific feature you want from that one.

Case is sheer personal preference, any of those cases will have good air-flow.. More than enough for that build and then some.
I would invest in some good quiet fans though and a controller for them

Agree with the dvd drive, leave it out unless you use it allot.. Think I've used mine all of 7 times in 3 years.. No new build I do any more has one unless it's really needed.

Soundcard is HUGELY overkill... I suggest using the on-board and see if your happy... if not then get something a bit better (unless you really have an ear for good sound and a very decent set of speakers/headphones)
Even then the STX is very high-end.. really want top notch speakers/cans to justify it.

All in all I think you would be hard pressed to notice the difference between this build and a 1500 - 1800 build..
Use PcPartPicker, make a build and post it here... only way to see if your getting good value.
Really need to know what your running on at the moment, resolution you play games on and how long your renders etc are taking to give more definitive advice.

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