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My System Specs


Here's a tool to use that will do your price matching for you: Pick Parts, Build Your PC, Compare and Share - PCPartPicker Canada

The i7 is worth it if you're going to do a lot of video editing due to the extra cache. If your video work is only going to be light, then I would save the cash and go with a 3570k.

I like the MB choice, although I'm a Gigabyte guy myself. (Best bang for the buck usually)

The PSU's you listed are nice, but you would likely be fine with a 750. (Unless you plan on going SLI)

I can't say enough good things about my 670, but I hear that a 660ti is a better dollar buy these days and gives almost the same performance

I'd highly recommend revisiting your choice of SSD's. That price is absolutely crazy, and there are much better options for good prices. (Crucial M4 and Patriot Pyro both come to mind)

Check out the Xonar DX sound card. It's still a HUGE jump over on-board, and an EXCELLENT value. Goes on sale regularly for $50

*EDIT* If you're looking for a nice case that is EXTREMELY easy to work on, check out the Corsair 600t.
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