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I'm from Corsair so I have some biases but my suggestions would be as follows -

Noctua makes some great products but I'm not really down with giant air coolers. They're way heavy so they put a lot of stress around the CPU socket area. Recommend an all in one liquid cooling system which is maintenance free and will give you better performance (in terms of temperature) under load. Check out something like the H80i for something in a similar price range or the H100i if you want to splurge a bit more. NCIX should have some pretty aggressive deals on the older H100 and is pretty much the only Canadian retailer left with stock

I've never worked on a NZXT but I have built many systems with chassis from other manufacturers and my feedback would be that tolerances tend to be much tighter on Corsair product and our cases are probably the easiest to work in.

If you're budgeting around $175 on a PSU, might as well step up to the AX860 which is one of our best powersupplies on the market today. Our cords tend to be very long. I've got a AX1200 in a 650D right now and I've got length to spare.

Depending on what kind of speakers / headphones you have, I'd be inclined to tone down the budget on the soundcard a bit as well
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