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My System Specs


Thanks for the input so far guys!

I would be looking at a RAM upgrade if my P5KPL-CM had more than 2 slots - If I want 8GB I'd have to find 2x4 DDR2, and that can get pricey.

I would have considered an FX-6300 on a decent board with DDR3 to be a fairly big upgrade to a mildly OC'd Q6700 on a cheaper board with DDR2. That said, the SSD may provide a more tangible boost in everyday performance even on SATA2. Hmmmm.....

Yeah, that build looks nice, but I more or less have to keep to under 400 after taxes. That's about all I can convince the girlfriend to let me spend on something that technically isn't a necessary upgrade. And from reviews I had seen, the 6300 was kind of the sweet spot in terms of price/performance on a budget of the FX line, unless I've read the wrong reviews .

EDIT: But yeah, if I can squeeze the numbers down by buying used/sales, that 8350 setup would be sweet. And yeah, the PSU I'm running right now in my system is pretty weak - my halfway decent one had to be put into the HTPC to power the 4870. Which is kind of amusing, if you think about it.

EDIT2: Even more amusing is the thought that just 3 1/2 years ago when I started Uni I had a P4 1.8 Northwood, with 1GB of RAM and an AGP HD2400 Pro. Yeah. Time flies.
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