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Originally Posted by Trocko View Post
I use bristol board from dolarama, and use a hobby knife to cut my designs out.. I normally either draw them out, or print them out from on line, then serculey tape it on the bristol board, then cut them out.

As long as you make the cuts clean, theres no problem. Also, paint goes a long way, as long as you dont coat the thing too much, you wont have any leakage/drip problems. Another way around this is to never paint vertically. lol
Ok. I will ask the guy at Staples what kinda material to use as a cutout. I would X-Acto the design but I really want a super clean cut and I usually go for edgy and intricate designs.

Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Not painting vertically is good advice if your a novice. Use a temporary spray tack on the side of the board you plan to attach to the case. Use a flat clear coat to spray around the edges, let it dry then apply the colour(s) you want. That should ensure a nice clean line.

Use two or three coats of paint rather than one or two heavy coats.

Edit: You might want to brush the clear coat on to make sure is seals off the edges properly.
What does painting vertically do?
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