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My System Specs


Got the fans installed, well some of them, still waiting on the MM order for the proper fan covers for the front, motherboard tray, ect. The silicon plugs are a pita, wish they would have included screws also. Tubing came in also, not sure if I am going to use it yet though, seems like is going to be allot of green.

I see uv black, anyone tried it? Have had black in the past and seems like a really bad dirt magnet although it wasn't uv, if that even matters.

Broke allot of the silicon plugs fighting to install them, they need to double what is in the fan boxes for just that reason. Plus some black fan screws would have been nice. I kow they are after silence but something better to attach these would have bere nice. Looks like and off shopping again once order my new triple rad for case screws also bolts in black.

Anyway here is the 5 I put in so far only 2 will stay later with the silicon plugs.

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