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Question Replace my 560ti sli setup

Hi guys,

Like the tittle say I have 2 Galaxy 560ti 1Gb running in sli but I'm looking to run my 3 23" monitors. My problem is Nvidia surround. I have to turn sli off if i want to run the 3 screens at 1920x1080 for productivity(doing a doctors degree) and it's a waste of power to use the second card just for a single screen.

I want to run a single card that is similar in horse power to my setup but more efficient and can run games in 5760x1080 for when I need to release the stress. (some FPS RPG and MMO action)

My idle power draw is around 140w-180w but jumps to close to 500w(UPS Read out) just playing playing WoW.

I was looking at the MSI HD7950 TF3 for the swap but I can't find any good numbers on benchmarks comparing my SLI 560ti to the HD7950, how would the single card stack up.

Stability and durability are a must, my rig will be holding research and all my work from my doctors to the point I'm considering building a new Fx-8350 on an Asus 990 Sabertooth mobo just because of the military standard and the true 8 core design.(Thoughts on that will also be appreciated)

My current setup is:

Asrock Extreme 4 Z77 mobo.
i7 2600k running stock clock.
16 gigs of 1600 ram.
2 Galaxy 560ti 1Gb 835Mhz running stock clocks.
Creative Sound Blaster fatality champion sound card.
Ultra 850w 80 silver modular PSU.
Cooler Master HAF-XB.
2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD.(Adding a second drive for raid 1 soon)
128Gb Samsung 830 SSD boot drive.
Blue-ray drive.
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