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My System Specs


If the benchmarks can be kept consistent, then perhaps the hardware comparison chart that HWC started at one point could be revived.

I think perhaps that mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) might be covered more. The Note 1 and 2 got some decent coverage on a techie at my workplace, I get asked more about mobile devices now than I do about desktops and laptops. If this direction is not in the cards right now in HWC's development, then its something to keep in mind...MS seems to think mobile devices are the way to go, as evidenced by their move to Metro. Desktops and laptops will be around for a long time, but I just see mobile devices eating up tech budgets of home and businesses more and more. If Apple/BB/Samsung can get some great docking solutions into the imaginations of folks, then the pace will only pick up. Apple might be in the best position to start a 'mobile docking station' trend.

If you want to stick to the PC side of things, you may want to look more at:
1. How-to guides (ie. SSD's, home theatre/media streaming, video conversion, adding additional storage to a laptop, etc)
2. Reviews of various cloud services and such that allow media consumption and sharing between mobiles and PCs, etc. Perhaps comparisons of the various cloud storage, office apps, etc.

I agree with what has been posted for the most part...just throwing another mobile angle out there.

As for the specific format of the reviews, perhaps a written review with some videos loaded throughout. The work involved in that though is something to behold for sure. Can't have it all.
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