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A couple thoughts for your consideration:

1. I am all for updating how reviews are carried out to keep with current trends, but please stick with a new method once it is chosen (for a little while at least), so that information from one review can be compared to the next (some sites seem to change their technique monthly).

2. I understand most graphics cards reviewed are mid to high end, and that you cannot test for every variable, but I feel low to mid-range GPU should still be tested with AA disabled (no real point for high end gpu). Realistically its likely that AA would be one of the first settings disabled to attain sufficient fps if they are lacking, or have a memory limiting gpu (frequency or quantity). Maybe set a dollar value for if it gets tested as such or not (maybe $150 as a cap).

3. Video reviews. CPU/GPU/Ram/HDD/SSD I don't really see the point for videos at all. Cases are a great item for video reviews. Personally I like videos in reviews, but not an entirely video review. Example would be a written portion of the review that contains details about case features, connectivity, build quality, ease of use, conclusion, pros and cons. Then the video could be shorter, show the case in detail (a picture is worth a thousand words), and visually point out issues or pros (such as why cable management was difficult or easy). That all said I do really like the current video case reviews and watch them all, but I like some of the hard data in writing (a page or two would suffice).

4. Fans. Case fans and cpu coolers seem to be a hot item of discussion lately and I suggest they become a reviewed item. Many sites drag the reviews out in my opinion, and I think they could realistically be short and effective. An accurate measure of airflow and fan noise at approx 3 voltages would be all that is required (maybe 12v, 9v, and 7v). On top of that a quick video of the fan operating and a description of its noise subjectively would finish it off. If you wanted to take it a step above it could be tested with no restriction (open air) and with resistance (such as attached to a common air cooler or rad).

5. I think it is an excellent decision to expand out into laptops etc as there is a lack of proper reviews, IMO, and the overall trend is a push away from desktop computers. This expansion should help bring more numbers to HWC.

These are just a few points that came to mind on the subject. I am not really sure if any of them will be of interest or not, but I thought I would bring it up anyway. I look forward to all future reviews from HWC.
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