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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
I would think the same however I don't generally see any Seasonic "Silver" units about (or corsair etc)

Can anyone confirm 100% what they are based on and if they are quality units?
That is because Silver is very much last year's thing. Though any of the XFX Silver units would have been Seasonic Based designs (Corsairs Silver Lineup was CWT, not Seasonic).

Right now Gold is really where you will find the higher end quality stuff.

The no Brainer companies to pick a PSU from are: Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, Silverstone. SS does have some junk on the low low end but anything north of 500W is quality. Mostly Enhance based. Fully modular too.

Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
Well there are a few really good PSU's out there to use.
I have a Seasonic X Series 660 Gold and a Seasonic Platimium Series 860. Both are nice high quality PSU's. However for sleeving these the pin out for the 24 pin has 4 double wires and connects to PSU using a 10 pin and 18 pin connector, making doing a realy great sleeving job a little tricky.

Silverstone Styder and Cooler Master Silent Pro's are a one to one pin out making sleeving a breeze. Both are high quality PSUs. I have 2 Cooler Master Silent Pros and they are run great for 4 years now.
Speaking for myself and the reading that I have done, there are less and less junk PSU's out there vs good ones nowadays. 3 Years ago, your statement would have held to be a lot more true.. Even the Vaunted OCZ and FSP have really stepped up there game to bring quality to the table.

You are more than likely to find a quality unit than one that is lacking (unless you buy at TD as they seem to carry more junk brands still).

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