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Originally Posted by 10e View Post
Yeah the Overlord is basically an A- panel with the custom Catleap PCB for 120hz. It's the same panel as the ACD 27" but the ACD 27" is a premium A panel versus the A- in the Achieva Shimian, Catleap, Overlord, et al.
Well, quick correction, they offered an A- but they also sell the grade A. They just no longer offer their pixel perfect service as it was too demanding from their Chinese supplier. They said they will bring back pixel perfect again in the future though.

Anyway, back when we bought our panels they offered an X270OC Grade A- for $469.99. Now they only list X270OC Grade A panels for $529.99.

Both myself and one of my friends got a grade A Tempest x270OC.
My other friend saved the money an bought a grade A- Tempest x270OC.

We just had a lan party two weekends ago and we cannot tell the difference but the Grade A panels both came with a little sheet detailing the inspection and panel quality listing details such as a "Stuck/Dead pixel"

Yeah, give your Overlord another shot and be sure to overclock the panel to at least 115Hz. I am a firm believer that once you try a fast paced game like Far Cry 3 or even a racing game, you may not be able to go back to your TN panel(s)
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