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My System Specs


A few things that I would like to see in your already excellent reviews,

CPU and GPU reviews.. When OCing please OC the competition as well. Granted there are times when this info can be found in your other reviews but certain times there aren't.
It would be good to see for example your OC results and the impact they have on a 3770k vs 8350 vs 3570k vs6.... you get my point. 24/7 stable and a "balls to the wall" oc
As I said I know some of this is covered already (though sometimes across different reviews) and if there are allot of comparisons it can lead to a LOONG time for the tests.

As said above I'd also love to see more fans, coolers, ram etc reviewed.

On the guides, hell yes. Video guides to overclocking and why you see x y and z (eg in EVGA PrecisionX my Ram shows as 3524Mhz, many people won't know why)
SSD guide would be Brilliant. video tour of how to set it up for optimum speed, reliability and longevity would be an outstanding article/video

Could also do a build guide more on the budget to performance rather than the putting things together.. Maybe a " build of the month with options for budget / low end / med / high and extreme builds. With recommended parts.

More reviews of lesser known / used brands. Palit, Galaxy, Asrock, Hitachi etc etc

I'm sure i can think of more but that is all that is coming to me for now.

As far as demographic, you could break reviews in 2, those that want the more technical details and those that don't.
Just omit the technical details from the lay-mans version or tell them/link them) to skip past it.
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