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Originally Posted by 3lfk1ng View Post
Hmm, that doesn't seem right, your experience is quite the opposite of mine. When did you buy your panel? I got mine about a month ago.

I came from 3 Dell u2312HM 23" 1920x1080 displays in eyefinity. Even a single 23" Dell U2312HM had more evident motion blur than my X270OC. The U2312HM had slightly less input lag (something I was comfortable sacrificing coming from 3x1920x1080 to a single 2650x1440). This new 120 refresh rate was very evident in games like Guild Wars 2, TF2 and L4D2 and even caused two of my close friends to buy their own X270OC immediately after trying out mine. As I have said before, the panels that are being used are the same panels used in the 27" Apple Cinema Display. Luckily for me my wife has two of them so I have had the opportunity to compare them side-by-side in order to see the Tempest excel above and beyond the capabilities of a stock 27" 2560x1440 60Hz panel (same goes for the 27" Dell).

You are correct, the panels don't use an overdrive function as that causes dark discolored trailing and major artifacting issues beyond 60Hz. I will admit that there are a select few monitors that do use Overdrive effectively but the BenQ XL2420T and the Dell U2312HM are the only shining examples that I can think of. Most other monitors including the old BenQ XL2410T have a horrible Overdrive implementation.
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You don't really need a super rig to power that resolution. If you can afford a $500 monitor a single decent graphics card is the least of your worries. Although two graphics cards would be just sublime, a single $300-$400 graphics card (570, 670, 6950, 6970, 7950, 7970) can run most games at 2560x1440 just fine. I'm using a 6950 flashed to a 6970 that is overclocked to 940/1450 and I can run most games max and still get well over 100fps (excluding Far Cry3 and Chivalry). I get better framerate now than I ever did in eyefinity :).

The problem that I have seen (besides being just a 1080p Twisted Neumatic panel) with the BenQ XL2420T is that it blows out the brightness and causes the colors to look slightly washed out. I'm not saying the overlord is perfect but it does a pretty phenomenal job for being an extremely affordable 27" 2560x1440 display capable of up to 120Hz.

For someone who is interested in 2560x1440 displays, I don't think there is a better choice or better price imho.
We probably were on the same shipment "boat" as I received mine December 19th or 20th here in Toronto.

Actually the XL2420T doesn't have a perfect overdrive implementation, but with the lightboost trick from [H] ard forum it is basically completely motion blur free and even overdrive trailing is reduced, but sharper which is weird, though invisible during gaming.. The Lightboost implementation helps keep it brighter with 3D, but the trick involves turning on Lightboost but not 3d processing. With the lightboost set to nearly zero on the monitor's OSD I find it to be good, if not a tiny bit "flickery". It's my gaming only monitor as I have a better screen for reading/photo stuff, and slower paced gaming.

In general, out of the box, the XL2420T is disastrous in terms of calibration. It definitely needs adjusting, and further more with LightBoost enabled due to the reddish tint.

Yeah the Overlord is basically an A- panel with the custom Catleap PCB for 120hz. It's the same panel as the ACD 27" but the ACD 27" is a premium A panel versus the A- in the Achieva Shimian, Catleap, Overlord, et al.

Now that I have my SLi GTX 670 rig up and running maybe I'll try it again at 120hz with the Overlord and see what happens. Previously I was using it with a single GTX 680 on an A8-3870K, so that may be holding back the GPU.

I just found that it wasn't as impressive as a 1080p TN 23" or 24" even without the lightboost trick in terms of motion blur only (and not taking into account the superior image quality of the IPS 27").

Originally Posted by Evilyeti View Post
Thanks for all the replies guys.

I went a head and pulled the trigger on the Asus PB278Q today just because I got it for a really good price at a local shop that guaranteed me I could return it within 30 days if I have any problems with it or defects.

I really do like the Dell displays but some of the user reviews on the Dell website kind of scared me off. I will report back with results on the ASUS once I receive it and let you guys know if I end up keeping it or taking it back.

If I do end up returning it, I will go ahead and order the Dell next.

Thanks again guys!
Let us know what you think. It is a PLS screen so it should be pretty darn nice! Local is always best to avoid shipping charges and other issues.

Good luck!

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