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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
A MAJOR focus in new GPU articles will be feature testing. These days, GPUs have a bevy of features that can ENHANCE a gameplay experience but typically receive very little press. For example, I feel that NVIDIA's Adaptive V-Sync is one of the best technologies to be released within the last 5 years of gaming. However, it was barely covered.
I am VERY happy to hear this, as I was about to type that exact suggestion.

Anandtech occasionally (I'm not sure of their criteria) puts up overlay screenshots of identical nature with X,Y,Z enabled/disabled. They've gotten away from this, but back in the days of early AA use they did it all the time, and it was INCREDIBLY informative. Today I couldnt tell you a thing about the difference between all the different jargon that AMD and nV use.

We all stay current with our technology, be it GPU or CPU, why arnt we benchmarking (and maybe comparing apples to oranges in AMD/nV) these built-in feature sets?

Other then that, I read this site, and Anand. The former is my go-to, the latter tends to be very technical (Anand and his SSD articles are amazing imo). But technical isnt always better, and I guess it depends on what the target audience is. Which brings me to the next point; Analyzing what people want is a great idea, but what is the target audience? The forums I would guess are a very limited scope of review readership. Demographics would help immensely in determining what is best for the site, rather then us gargoyles that are always here, no?
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I'm a self certified whizbang repair technician with 20 years of professional bullshit so I don't know what I'm talking about
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