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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post

I know you expressed doubts when I linked to The Tech Report previously, specifically the 7950 vs 660Ti review, however their methods could be considered legitimate enough that AMD has responded by releasing a new set of drivers with fixes specifically to reduce individual frame times. actually improved upon the method by eliminating FRAPS. They installed a video capture card in another rig, and take the signal output from the video card being tested, and measure the frames as seen on a display. Apparently FRAPS measures frames as they come off the core, but before they go into the VRAM and subsequently the display. This method effectively eliminates that potential discrepancy between what FRAPS is recording and what your eye is seeing, WRT frame latencies.
Frame times will be used in upcoming GPU reviews but only in limited amounts. Basing an entire methodology around frame metering is (IMO) a huge mistake.

There is a number of reasons behind this which I won't go into detail about but I feel that it's impossible to accurately "benchmark an experience".

However, let's just remember that a LOT can impact the "smoothness" of a game; from system loads to in-game coding issues. In addition, on single GPU systems, smoothing out frametimes is quite easy through driver optimizations so don't expect there to be huge differences between AMD and NVIDIA over the next 6 months or so in this area.

Years ago I posted a thread which dealt directly with frame metering in GPU reviews. Unfortunately, it was lost when we got hacked.

Basically, our new GPU testing methodology will hit the following points:

- Framerate over time graphs to supplement the min / avg graphs
- Frame Time graphs for certain GPUs (there's no way EVERY GPU in a review can be compared in this way)
- No more testing WITHOUT AA enabled
- New resolutions: 1080P and 1440P. Later this year, we will expand to 4K testing.
- Multi monitor testing will be done in a separate article
- No more old games unless they are still valid. We will be updating the titles used on a more regular basis.

A MAJOR focus in new GPU articles will be feature testing. These days, GPUs have a bevy of features that can ENHANCE a gameplay experience but typically receive very little press. For example, I feel that NVIDIA's Adaptive V-Sync is one of the best technologies to be released within the last 5 years of gaming. However, it was barely covered.

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