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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
So here we are in the SIXTH YEAR of Hardware Canucks and boy has time flown.

Community engagement and providing unbiased content remain central commitments from the review and admin team here. As such, over the next few weeks I'll be starting a number of forum threads which allow you to voice your UNFILTERED input regarding the site, where we are and how we can better adapt to your expectations.

In this topic, we'll be discussing reviews and articles.

As you know, the industry is changing. Be that for the better or worst is immaterial; HWC has to adapt. Additional focus is being put upon mobility products (notebooks primarily) while still remaining true to our primary categories of CPUs, GPUs, SSDs and other add in components.

In the next few weeks, you'll see a complete revision of our graphics card testing methodologies and the introduction of Build Guides which tackle various aspects of building an upgrading a system. In that vein, we'll also be tackling items that aren't discussed much but remain a mystery to many: data migration, setting up a cache drive / RAID, easy overclocking guides for AMD and Intel systems, etc.

While this is just the time of an overly large iceberg, I'd still like your input.

- What would you like to see reviewed?

- Are there any categories we currently cover where you would like to see MORE reviews?

- In our current stable of reviews, where do you believe improvements can and should be made?

- What type of content do you think HWC is missing?

- Is there anything you would like to see LESS of?

- Do you find the reviews too long / short?

- Should more video reviews be done?

Naturally, the list goes on and on but in this thread I want YOU to pick and choose your comments, no matter how harsh.

Tell us about the reviews, the content or anything else for that matter but above all else, let's improve HWC together.

Guess I'll go first , you can smite me after.

First, I'm working on 5 years here myself so I've seen a lot myself in the time spent here.
Making dedicated sections and How-To's might help a lot with traffic because some people (or a lot) would rather just read a pre-defined guide than make an actual post. So your idea for doing that is good IMO. Add in there an edited section that has a dedicated guide to SSD care a la AkG would also be a plus.

I know this will never change, but I'll make mention of it only because I know many people feel the same way so I'll help speak for them. I do love Video reviews, they are a good source of information. I would rather them not be for Cases though.
I'm not going to lie, but when I want to read about a case I don't look here first. Again it is not a knock against the reviewer (Dimitry you do an excellent Job), its just not my preferred format espcially if I am working on said case and up against an issue or something along those lines.

What would be nice to add as subject for reviews is perhaps the following (for consideration of course).

- UPS units (Home use ones obviously, no point doing any of the 2200KVa units doubtful anyone but me has a 30A Twist Lock in the basement lol) I've found very little in the way of this but something like that done occasionally would be excellent. A lot of people search for but don't find enough info out there.

- Fans , I really think a running data base on fans would be excellent. I have a whole methodology stuck in my head on a way to test. I find its a hot topic on the forums not just here but elsewhere and many people have very few sites to reference when searching. It would be nice for HWC to start getting referenced for such things.

- I want to say to add PSU's too, but there are many good players out there with a lot of $$$ and half electrical engineers to do proper PSU reviews. That might be beyond our current scope right now. Still something to maybe consider for future ideas.

- RAM, although I know its not the hottest topic in the world we used to do it and more Board reviews than current. That I can hope to see changing in the future again.

I find all the reviews are the perfect length, even being a long time reader it is nice to touch on the fundementals in each thread.
Though perhaps say some reviews that are based on the same architecture you can cut down some of it by having a 'database' of that information linked in the review. That way for people who know already they can get to the 'meat' quicker and it saves you on rehashing things as much.
Even still a database of the old and current architectures would be nice for reference purposes and such.

Everything else I find up to par, and I still think for many things like VC's and SSD's we are a golden standard vs what I see elsewhere.


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