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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
I'll agree with Rollergold on his Corsair AX860 Platinum recommendation. It's fully modular, beautifully sleeved all black low profile cables, made by Seasonic, and has a 7 year warranty.

Some may point out the benefits of getting the 860i so you can monitor your PSU but personally I don't think Corsair Link is worth the extra money plus isn't a big part of going modular the fact that you can omit more cable clutter not add another gimmick cable to test your cablegami skills with. Furthermore the AX860i is made by Flextronics while the AX860 is indeed a true Seasonic which speaks for itself. Ohh and it's on sale right now... Corsair AX860 860W ATX 12V V2.31 80 Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply Active PFC 120mm Fan
Nothing wrong with the Flextronics, since it actually regulates better and has less ripple than the Seasonic.

Either way they are amazing. I don't think the fan on mine will ever switch on. That being said the damn PCI-e Cables (Double ones) are a poor design from Corsair. Because of that, I will be getting some NZXT PCI-e Cable extensions and using those off the ones from Corsair rather than the corsair ones itself.


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